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Liver cancer surgery in India helps patients overcome diseases and live a normal life. We help you know world-class liver <p><a href="">cancer treatment in India.</a>

Liver Cancer


About the Disease

As one of the types of cancer, liver cancer takes place when cells in a human body grow at a higher rate. As the name suggests, liver cancer starts from the liver and spread to the entire body.

Symptoms of Disease

Here are a couple of symptoms of liver cancer.

  • Yellow and Itchy Skin

  • Whites of Eyes become Yellow

  • Weight Loss

  • Feel Less Energetic

Diagnosis of Disease

The best liver cancer doctor in India uses the following techniques to detect liver cancer in patients.

  • Imaging Test

  • Blood Test

  • Liver Tissue for Testing

Treatment Option

Patients can choose one of the following techniques of liver cancer treatment in Delhi depending on the stage of their disease.

1. Surgery

2. Localized Treatment

3. Radiation Therapy

4. Targeted Drug Therapy

5. Immunotherapy

6. Chemotherapy


An individual can be infected with liver cancer due to the following factors.

·         Chronic Hepatitis

·         Hereditary Metabolic Disease

·         Use of Tobacco

·         Obesity

·         Type 2 Diabetes

·         Anabolic Steroids

Success Rate of Treatment

We at MMA provide all possible assistance to our patients in getting in touch with renowned doctors and hospitals for availing of the benefits of world-class liver cancer treatment in India while ensuring a 90% success rate. Meanwhile, the success rate also depends on the patient’s actual stage of the disease.

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