Ocean Freight Forwarding Services - at an competitive rate

Zona/Quartiere: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Are you tired of paying your Indian-based freight forwarder a premium price for sea freight forwarding with mediocre results? Need your freight forwarder in India to provide you with more vessel and transportation options to make smarter shipping decisions? Poor communication and unexpected delays involving your ocean freight are a thing of the past with Top Universe’s personalised, responsive sea freight services and solutions.


For more than a century, Top Universe has continued to help small, medium and large businesses achieve optimum ocean freight services including warehousing and transportation.


We strive to fully fulfill our customers' dreams.


Try us today! We’ll be happy to help you.


Advantages of Ocean Freight Forwarding Services:


  • Economical. 

  • Efficiency.

  • Oversized, heavy and bulky cargo capability.

  • Safety.

  • Environmental friendliness.


Characteristics of Ocean Freight Forwarding Services:


  • Large volume of Sea Freight. 

  • The ability of Sea Freight to pass. 

  • Sea Freight is cheap.

  • Marine cargo has strong adaptability to goods.


FAQ’s: When goods are shipped using ocean transport?


  • When you use via ocean freight, your goods are loaded into a container and stored on a vessel for transit. LCL and FCL are the two methods of shipping your goods.






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