English and Bahasa Indonesia Lessons for Expat (jakarta)

Prezzo: 150.000 IDR/per ora

Hi everyone,
We offer Indonesian and English tutoring services for professionals and children.
We offer private Bahasa Indonesia Lessons in-person and online. Lessons will be arranged based your request and can be changed with advance notice. Our tutors are trained by certified Indonesian language trainer and are experienced in teaching Indonesian for foreign speakers.
We offer:
- Customized Indonesian Lessons
- Indonesian Language Lessons for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Level
- Indonesian Language Lessons for Short Term Visitors
- Online Indonesian Lessons
Whether you wish to learn Indonesian for travel, business, or just for pleasure, we will deliver what you need and help you reach your goals in learning. Please visit our website and contact us for further information. 
Website: www.tutorjakarta.com
Email: [...]
Line: tutorjakarta
Phone: +62 812-9826-2218 (Whatsapp)


Bahasa Indonesia Teacher/Tutor in Jakarta 
Indonesian language tutor 
Bahasa Indonesia private tutoring 
Formal/Informal Bahasa Indonesia Lessons 
Guru Bahasa Inggris untuk Kantor 
Guru Bahasa Inggris untuk orang Jepang di Jakarta 
Experienced local English trainer in Jakarta 
English Trainer for Japanese / Korean 
Bahasa Indonesia/English In-House Training in Jakarta 
English tutor for Korean in Jakarta 
English tutor for Japanese in Jakarta 
Bahasa Indonesia Course Online 
English Conversation classes 
In-House English Training in Jakarta 
Business English Training 
Guru Privat Bahasa Indonesia untuk Orang Asing 
Guru Bahasa Inggris 
Guru Bahasa 
Guru Les Bahasa Inggris di Jakarta 
Kursus Bahasa Inggris untuk Karyawan 
Kursus Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 
Business English Writing 
Business English 
Instruktur Bahasa Inggris dan Bahasa Indonesia untuk Orang Asing di Jakarta 
Guru Les / Tutor Berpengalaman 
Flexible and affordable english lesson/tutoring service in Jakarta 
Online Indonesian language tutoring 
Bahasa Indonesia Lessons Online 
Online Indonesian language class 
Online class based in Jakarta

Tutor Jakarta
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