Dear friends,

I am from Malaysia and our would like to introduce a unique and intelligent car accessory product called VANTAGE.

This unique product is called VANTAGE is a Voltage Stabilizer designed to maintain a stable working environment for all electronic parts and ignition in your car,hence maintain optimum engine performance & fuel economy. Just plug VANTAGE into your car cigarette lighter socket and it will work right away!                                                           

With VANTAGE , you will get full assurance and maximum satisfaction in terms of driving experience and extra kilometre. VANTAGE is a creative innovation, unique and specially designed to optimize your car overall performance thus drive more kilometres for your car. It has been tested, proven and its effectiveness is guaranteed. Besides, VANTAGE also display the car battery status whether it is still good or need replacement. Not only that.VANTAGE comes with 2 USB port where you can charge your handphones or play games without having to unplug the gadget. Other benefits :-

-High ignition Power

- Better acceleration

-Smoother Gear Shift

-Brighter headlight

-Fuel Saving 

-Reduce Air Cond Vibration

-Improve Engine Torque

-Cleaner Emission

-Improve Horse Power

-Clearer Audio AV System

-Prolong battery,plugs and altenator lifespan

-Cooler air-conditioned and many more 

Note :  VANTAGE suits all types of cars that uses petrol,diesel & CNG.  1 year warranty.

For those interested to find more about the price, business opportunities etc,kindly e-mail me.

Thank you.


Director, RSA Marketing

Kuala Lumpur

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