Dating, Relationship or Life Coaching

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Are you feeling disoriented or lacking confidence & direction in your personal or professional life? Perhaps you're in one of the following situations:

~ single, dating or frustrated with a relationship

~ changing career

~ feeling burnt out or overwhelmed

~ without purpose

~ nervous about upcoming changes

~ unemployed

~ feeling insecure, stagnant or stuck in your comfort zone

If you're at a crossroads, thats where I come in. I am a certified Life Coach & Relationship Coach who will provide you with personalised support and direction to gain momentum.

My coaching sessions will help you:

+ reveal the real you, your true values and desires for the future

+ learn what you need to support your growth & remove life drainers

+ understand negative patterns that have been holding you back & develop an empowering mindset

+ start each day with confidence, purpose and direction

+ let go of the past & establish goals and productive habits to live a fulfilling present

+ push past fears, doubts and setbacks with actionable steps which give you results


I'm an empathetic individual, who is enthusiastic about helping others achieve their goals. Any unique situation you're in, I will be your empowerment & accountability partner giving you the tools to make lasting changes.

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