Japanese Language Lessons in Malta

Prezzo: 19 EUR/per ora
Zona/Quartiere: Mosta

Japanese is such a fun language to learn when you are using the right method.

However, the word 'fun' does not necessarily mean that it is going to be 'easy', especially when it comes to a language considered to the have the most difficult writing system to read and write in the modern world.

Also, you have probably already noticed that there are many free resources available online: pdfs, videos and apps. Perhaps there are so many that one is absolutely unsure what to choose from and worth investing time on.

It is so easy to lose direction when you are so lost for choice. I understand that.

As a student though, it is not your job to find the right book or resources. All you need is to find the right teacher with the right learning method.

Join my course and you will not only learn the Japanese language fast yet progressively, but you will understand the Japanese mind and culture so that you will be able to turn Japanese at will.


And you will have fun. Promise!


The course I have devised includes everything about Japanese kanji, grammatical structure and culture. My course also involves various media including anime and manga, if you enjoy such aspects of Japanese culture.

Therefore, if you are seriously interested in my course, send me an SMS, WhatsApp text message on +35699230578 or an e-mail message at marutago.de.manabu.nihongo.gakusyuu[at]hotmail.co.jp answering the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to learn Japanese?
  2. When are your available time slots?
  3. Do you really have daily time to dedicate to learning a language?

Time slots are extremely limited. Be patient.

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