Windows 11 70% of the Computer will not work anymore!!

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Windows 11 is already out...

70% of the computers will not work with it anymore. Sure you can skip the update. But for how long?

What you gonna do - leave a bigger foodprint by throw away the still working computer?

You gonna sell it - what do you think who gonna buy it if it is not running Win11?

I show you a way out of this.

I help to switch to Linux. A simple Free Operating system what can run your Hardware for another long time.

Save fast - and with no costs for virusprogramms or other Programms. Yes it is a bit different, but no reason to fear!

Linux is the Saves Operatio system you can get - It can look like an Apple - or Like a Windows 7 - Your choise.

And by the way - every Android user - is using Linux, because Android is based on Linux.

I help to understand - and switch your mashine to Linux.

In the Youtube Video you can see the different look and feels from a linux system...

Not all Laptops wil be able to run Linux - but 90% are!

Throw away or still use it for years? Your choise.

If you are interested Contact me or find men here

manafx dot com 

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