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Is your website failing to capture all the potential business inquiries it could be?


I've noticed that many companies are losing out on leads because they don't have an easy way for visitors to reach out and connect.


The solution? 


Add a persistent support button to your website that allows customers to contact you with a single click.


This could be a button for:

- Text/SMS support

- Email inquiries 

- WhatsApp chat

- Phone call

- Booking a consultation


Having this kind of quick-access support option makes it much more likely that website visitors will take that next step and become actual leads or customers.


I'd be happy to provide more details on how to effectively implement a support button on your site. 


Just let me know if you're interested in learning more.


Don't let potential business slip through the cracks - invest in an easy-to-use support feature that can drive more inquiries your way.


Reach out today and let's discuss how to make your website a money making machine!


Thanks 👍


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