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I am Steven from Los Angeles California, USA.I have been teaching English and also tutoring one-to-one more than 15 years in many countries and for the last few years in Russia.I am a freelance scientist in linguistics and founder of a new English teaching system that can give you the possibility to speak and understand English as native speakers in a very short time and provides you the ability in thinking in English when you speak it.

You will be provided with personalized lessons based off your interests, learning needs and specific goals.Furthermore, you will be able to think English when you speak.

I use a lot of up-to-date, relevant and real life materials especially for pre-intermediate

level and up.I can help you to develop General speaking skills in English,Develop a specific skill for your English Exam-speaking, reading, listening,writing, grammar and vocabulary, enhance your Business English communication skills, prepare for a job interview

and also improve your American Accent.I can help you with test preparation IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC,GMAT etc..as well.

Ronn Brandon
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 Ronn Brandon

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