gold and diamond detector in somalia | gold hunter device

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gold and diamond detector in somalia | gold hunter device 


Gold Hunter long range locator device is the best modern German industries to afford the power and ease of use and its small size and accuracy of the results The device has been tested it by processors to prove the quality of their industry before put it on the market

The main unit of the device (the main processing unit and settings).
Crystal screen through which you can specify the target type To detect.
When the device is running you can choose one of those languages: Deutsch, French, English, Arabic.

When you select the desired language
you can choose the search system from the list before starting:

    Treasures and gold under the ground search system.
    Natural gold and veins of gold and gold nuggets and underground mines search system.
    Diamonds underground search system.
    Silver underground search system.
    Caves and voids and the ancient tombs underground search system.
    Gemstones underground search system

You can choose the required long-range by adjusting the extent of the control key. the choices for the range of the device (500 meters) or (1000 meters) or (1,500 meters) or (2000) meters perpendicular.

After the completion of settings and start the process of detecting the device will start to send and receive special frequencies to detect.

The type that you will choose it from the list, up to 35 meters under the ground.

When the device receives a signal it will followers the signal automatically toward the target and when it turn towards the target referred to by the sender and the receiver antenna of the signal.

and When you be above the Target Center, the device will wrap in a circular motion that means you are above the target.

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