Translation German, English, Spanish, Portuguese (other)

+++ Also possible at short notice +++
Professional online translation of any kind at a fair price.
In our globalized world, it is becoming increasingly important to spread our messages in other languages ​​in order to reach a larger audience.
I offer help with translating, writing, formulating and proofreading texts in German, English, Portuguese, Spanish of all kinds (other languages available through my network):
- Texts for websites
- blogs
- Articles (newspapers, magazines, etc.)
- Books
- Advertising / product description
- Factual texts
- Legal texts, business texts
- Scientific and technical texts
- and much more
I am happy to advise you on the style and structure of the text.
The prices depend on the type and scope of the text:
- Spelling correction from 5 € / 1000 characters
- Translation from € 0.10 / word
- Writing texts from € 0.25 / word
about me: Native German speaker with Masters in Modern Language (A Degree) with over 20 years translation experience. Since graduation, I have been self-employed and work for companies worldwide in within a variety of topics.
Gladly available to answer all you language questions!
I am looking forward to our collaboration!
Greetings and all the best

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