Plata mercurio líquido con una pureza de 99.99%

가격: PYG 800

We are suppliers of Silver Liquid  mercury, our mercury with purity 99.99%. stainless steel flasks of 34.5kg.


1. chemical formula Hg
2. general molecule mass 756.61 2g/mol
3. Molecular Weight:200.59
4. chemical purity from 99.95 to 99.99 %
5. isotopical purity 99.99 %
6. color : silver

Packaging Detail: Stainless steel flask of 34.5kg each
Delivery Detail: 4 Days By Air Freight and 18 Days Maximum by Sea.

packed in 34.5 kg flasks
Price of $800 USD /Flask
We supply world wide both in large and sample quantities. Kindly contact us now for more details

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