▶ Private tutoring in Deungchon-dong(등촌동)

가격: 40,000 KRW/Hour

▶ Private tutoring in Deungchon-dong(등촌동), Gangseo-gu, Seoul.
This class is simple part-time.

Student: 40s man.
English conversation level: intermediate level.
Location: 양천로 583, Student's Office two minutes from Jeungmi(증미) Station.
Every month cycle: 90 minutes x 8 times (12 hours). Twice a week.
Student's available times: Only Tuesday and Friday. Can start between 2-6 p.m. 
Estimated period: more than 6 months.
Beginning of class: ASAP.
Pay: 40,000 won per 1hour. 

White or black teacher. F-2, F-5 and F-6 VISA.
Apply now. (necessary) ▷ http://www.dreamlanguage.co.kr/base/st2/002.php

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