Best Paving Contractor Coopersburg PA


Whether you’re repaving your driveway or want a parking area to the side of your house, we’ll take your needs into consideration.
Before we begin, we’ll ensure everything is properly prepared. If there are any problem areas or design issues, we’ll address these first before laying down the new pavement. If we’re installing a driveway, we’ll discuss the pitch, or slope, of your driveway with you. This is important because water on a driveway must be able to drain properly.
The next stage of asphalt driveway installation is stripping off any old asphalt that could under-mind the stability of the sub-base. When the finished layer of asphalt is installed, you will have a driveway that you can enjoy for years to come. Our Coopersburg PA 18036 driveway paving is performed efficiently and is usually finished the same day. We recommend allowing the asphalt to cure for one hour to three days depending on the application and weather conditions.

After the paving, we’ll leave you with some advice on how to maintain your product going forward. For example, you should avoid putting too much weight on one area of your new pavement, as this can create cracks and even holes. However, we can always return to make your pavement more durable with a strip and seal.
Contact Harris Paving Industries a Paving Company in Coopersburg PA today for your next paving project. We happily serve all residents in Coopersburg PA, and we’re fully prepared to take on any job. 


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