Custom hangers with logos for clothing


Supply and wholesale personalized custom hangers with printed/engraved gold logos for clothing brands, like wooden, ABS, plastic PVC, metal, fabric wrapped, or velvet hangers. 

Custom hangers of any color or size are available. Then, you can engrave 3D embossed logos or company names on it. Using custom hangers can make your products cleaner and more stylish. Many customers are willing to order custom hangers with logos to enhance their brand appeal. Also, as a manufacturer and wholesaler of hangers, we provide worldwide shipping.

  • Features: clips, non-clips, space-saving, heavy-duty, slim, oversized, adjustable, eco-friendly, etc;
  • Hanger type: top or bottom, kids, socks hanger, door hangers, regular hangers, pants hangers, slim hangers, etc;

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