Custom zipper pulls sliders with logos


Make and wholesale luxury or cheap custom zipper pulls with your brand logos, like metal & leather & plastic PVC/rubber/silicone & woven fabric zipper pulls for clothes, bags, luggage. You can customize and design any materials and types of zipper pulls for your brand. If you wanna personalized fancy zipper pulls, you can add beaded diamonds to them. Or, you can use engraved gold & silver color to create your own best ones. All the custom zipper pulls are ideal for 3# 5# 10#zippers.  You can customize replacement detachable zipper pullers in all sizes, types, or colors. All custom zipper sliders are great for purses, dresses, coats, suitcases, etc. Custom zip tabs with logos can promote your brand and business. Just send us your logo file, and tell us your size, color, material, or quantity. Then, we provide a free design.


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