Online Tutoring Available by lady tutor

Cena: 20 KWD/Stundā

📚✨ Online Tutoring Available! ✨📚

Subject Expertise: Physics, Math, English

Tutor: Experienced Lady Tutor

Grade Levels: 9th and 10th

Is your child in need of extra support in physics, math, or English? I am a dedicated and experienced lady tutor offering personalized online tutoring sessions for 9th and 10th-grade students. I am passionate about Teaching and have 11 years teaching experience of Girls high school in Pakistan

Subjects Covered:

·                            🚀 Physics: Grasp challenging concepts with ease.

·                            ➕ Math: Build a strong foundation in mathematical skills.

·                            📝 English: Improve writing, reading, and language skills.

Flexible Scheduling:

·                            Weekday and weekend slots available

·                            Book a trial session to experience the difference!

Please call for more details.


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