I will sell Gold from Kenya and Uganda

PRODUCT : Refined Gold Bar (AU Metal)
1. Colour: Yellow
2. Size: Normal / 1kg Bars
3. Physical Form : Dore Bars, Without Hallmarks
4. PURITY & Finness : 96. 82% or Better(23+ carats or Better
5. Origin: East Africa
6. Current Location : Nairobi, Kenya / Kampala, Uganda
7. Destination : Buyer Destination (TBA)
8. Pre/Trial Shipment : 500Kgs SPOT (Five Hundred Kilograms) then upon satisfactory assay
at buyer destination 500 KGS (Five Hundred Kilograms) plus (+) monthly till order
completely fulfilled.
9. Monthly Quantity : 500 Kg (Five Hundred Kilograms)
10.Contract Duration : Twelve (12) Months up to Five (5) years with Rolls & Extensions
11.Terms of Contract : CIF to Buyer destination, INCOTERMS 2020
12.Payment terms: TT/ swift 103 to seller account
13.Validity of FCO : 72 Hours - 3 WORKING DAYS
14.Packaging: Internationally Recognized Metal Boxes Packaging
15.Inspection: Recognized Testers at Seller/ Buyer Refinery
The price (CIF FORMULA) payable by the Buyer to the Seller on this transaction shall be the price
per gold bar LMBA London price of the day with Discounts of 11% / 8% per gold bar.


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