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GUANGZHOU JF EXPRESS CO.,LTD is specialized in Russia shipping service,inculuding tax and customs clear, we provide two modes of transportation from Guangzhou to Russia door to door courier service and from guangzhou to Moscow warehouse self pick up by customer .We can help customers consolidate taobao goods and send them together to the receiving address in Russia after packing. We can also help customers purchase goods from taobao or 1688 and other websites. The minimum purchase fee is 35RMB, and 3% amount of the purchase fee is charged if the price exceeds 35RMB.

   The following is the price and transit time of our Russian special line.

1. There are three modes of transportation from guangzhou to Russian door to door express according to the speed of transportation.

F1-Economy  (Full land transportation,about 25days delivery)

First 0.5KG: 50RMB        

Second 0.5KG: 20RMB

More then 11kg:40RMB/KG     more then 21kg:38RMB/KG

More then 51kg:34RMB/KG      more then 101kg:32RMB/KG

More then 301kg:31RMB/KG     more then 501kg:30RMB/KG


F2-Fast   (transport by connecting flight,about 15days delivery)

First 0.5KG: 60RMB        

Second 0.5KG: 25RMB

More then 11kg:52RMB/KG       more then 21kg:50RMB/KG

More then 51kg:46RMB/KG       more then 101kg:44RMB/KG

More then 301kg:43RMB/KG     more then 501kg:42RMB/KG

Sensitive goods can be sent through the above two shipping channels,under 11kg, add 20rmb;more then 11kg, add:2RMB/KG

(if goods with battery,Liquird, cosmetic,copy goods, food, powder,will be consider as sensitive goods.)


 F3-Plus  (transport by directly flight, about 10days delivery) Sensitive goods can not be sent through this shippingchannel

First 0.5KG: 80RMB        

Second 0.5KG: 35RMB

More then 11kg:70RMB/KG       more then 21kg:68RMB/KG

More then 51kg:64RMB/KG       more then 101kg:60RMB/KG

More then 301kg:59RMB/KG      more then 501kg:59RMB/KG


2   Special line from guangzhou to Moscow (Customs clearance and tax are included,customer self pick up in Moscow warehouse),Price depend on by Land or by air)

   F-WL By Land   (about 25days delivery to Moscow warehouse)

More then 100kg:23RMB/KG     more then 301kg:21RMB/KG

More then 501kg:19RMB/KG     more then 701kg:18RMB/KG

More then 1000kg:17RMB/KG

F-WA By air  (about 15days delivery to Moscow warehouse)


More then 100kg:26RMB/KG    more then 301kg:24RMB/KG

More then 501kg:22RMB/KG     more then 701kg:21RMB/KG

More then 1000kg:20RMB/KG

if need send to other city's warehouse, please add: 13RMB/KG; ship sensitive goods, add: 2RMB/KG too


For the charged weight, need compare the volume weight and actual weight, which one i s bigger, charge which one.  volume weight calculate method is: L*W*H/6000 ,(by cm).for example, if the box size is:50*60*50cm/6000=25kg, the actual weight is: 20KG, will charge as 25KG, if same size, the actual weight is:30KG, will charge 30KG,     


The following is our shipping process

1. Get a file and customer code from us.put our warehouse address and customer code into your taobao address or 1688 address or offer to your supplier.



ATTN:customer code+邹锦源

Mob: 15920317918

Tel: 020-26272512

Post code: 510440

Please ask seller to write the customer code on the express bill or boxes.

2. after all seller send the goods, get the courier no and goods details to put in the doc,and note the transport Channel , send us back.

3. After received all the goods,will repack and arrange shipping

4. Payment Method                                                                                              pay by western union, or to my China bank account,or Pay via Alipay account or Wechat.     


If you need shipping service from China to Russia,please contact us, we will try our best to service you.



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