97876343 Painting inspection Singapore cheap paint inspector

Professional building painting inspection Singapore direct cheap paint inspector

Commercial industrial buildings condominium shophouse factory warehouse cheap painting inspecting service

Exterior coating outdoor painting internal roof coat external paint inspection report survey reporting consultant


Conduct visual inspection of entire building façade – external walls & exterior parapets

Identity present paint damage, leaks, water mark defects & painting colouring distortion paint discolouration

Check & advice on structural integrity – concrete cement cracks, seepage, plaster, sealer damage control

Prepare & submit comprehensive inspection detailed survey report with photographs & visual reviews

Inspect roof floor wall flooring waterproof leaks & advice on waterproofing membrane if any required.

Provide fact findings of paint damage extent & coating restoration change repair rectifications

Provide recommendation on building exterior façade wall repainting restoration & refurbishment 

Survey/conduct defects testing coating paint finishing on accessible & reachable wherever possible 

Advice improvement & remedies with paint faults for weather-bond condition painting durability

Recommend durable options for plaster, primer sealer undercoat & resilient outdoor top coating.


Inspection & recommendation done by NACE qualified CSWIP inspectors with BGAS certification 

Covering surface preparation, coating contaminants and tests, paint constituents and technology, solutions and dispersions, drying and curing properties coat performance and specified painting conditions. Complying to code of practice for testing, inspection to reinstate painting cheap roof waterproof rooftop waterproofing reinstatement SG    


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