The Epidemic Of Bed Bugs in Singapore


Over the last 20 years, bed bug infestations have exploded and this trend continues to grow. The main reason being that bed bugs have become resistant to traditional treatments such as professional chemical pest control sprays, making them almost completely ineffective.

Singapore is not immune to the bed bug epidemic. Bed bugs in Singapore have affected a lot of people. They can be found in offices, hotels, gyms, schools, etc. They are even smaller than apple seeds and are great at hiding. Like everywhere else it is also difficult to kill bed bugs in Singapore. Various chemicals like pesticides to kill bed bugs have been used but none has provided a complete solution.

ChinCheX is the result of many years of research, after that, we can ensure that ChinChex is your best option for getting rid of the bed bugs that are making your life hard... Why?:

  • Safe to use, silica is used as a food additive and diet supplement (it is dust, so please be careful when using with people suffering from respiratory conditions).
  • 100% effective.
  • 100% silica gel, it is a unique combination of 4 different amorphous silica gels.
  • ChinCheX kills bed bugs 10 times faster than DE (diatomaceous earth).
  • It is a physical pesticide, bed bugs can't develop resistance to ChinCheX. 
  • The preferred choice by many pest control professionals.
  • Extremely lower cost than any professional treatment, and proven to be more effective.
  • There is no need to wash and bag all your clothes or to throw away any of your belongings.

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