What is Hrms Software?

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Equinox HRMS Software is your comprehensive result for managing mortal coffers, payroll, and pool data. Our software is designed to streamline your HR processes, increase effectiveness, and empower your association to make data-driven opinions. With Equinox HRMS, you can effectively manage your pool, from hiring to withdrawal, all in one centralized platform. 
crucial Features 
Hand Information operation Maintain a secure and over-to-date database of hand records. fluently access essential details similar to particular information, employment history, and instruments. 
 Reclamation and Onboarding Simplify the hiring process with aspirant shadowing, interview scheduling, and onboarding workflows. ensure a smooth transition for new hires. 
 Time and Attendance Automate time shadowing, manage hand schedules, and cover attendance. Directly calculate working hours and streamline the payroll process. 


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