Zero Trust Application and Network Solutions for Business

With the extending remote workforces, the simple VPN security fails to provide a secure network perimeter for inbound user authentication. While VPNs are effective to a degree in providing protection by inbound traffic encryption, their security falls short through giving full network access to unprivileged users. 

RevBits Zero Trust Network (ZTN) is a SaaS-hosted solution that contains and secures the ever-expanding network perimeter and securely connects the external users over SSL/TSL to internal network assets to which they have privileged access only and restricts them from getting full network access.

With RevBits ZTN, the company administrators can retain complete control of all session activities of the remote users and access the assets from any web browser or smart device. 

Having trouble onboarding and management of your remote assets? No more with RevBits ZTN. Get complete control and visibility into all remote access sessions anytime and anywhere with Zero Trust.


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