Great Offer Sale of Abo-land Organic Fertilizer

Regio/buurt: Funza Cundinamarca

At this time Decembrina I want you to know a great promotion with the type of Granulated Organic Fertilizer Export. We have 7 containers located in the port of Antwerp, each one has its commercial invoice CIF, insurance certificate, freight certificate, only customs processes are pending in case of paying taxes there,

Promotion of Exclusive Sale of Organic Fertilizer, we have more of 5 40 HQ containers, each one contains 500 bags of 50 kilos, where the value per bag is 30 us but in our Decembrina era, we want to start seeing results in any type of crop reducing costs and increasing income in crops, Buy a complete container of 40 hq worth 14,000 us or if you want to buy more than one we can handle a better offer with an excellent price per offer. What do you expect.

Write me to my email or contact me we produce it we are located in Funza Colombia, my WhatsApp number +57 1 3175933332. Do not think about it and start receiving this excellent product and you will see in a very short time excellent results.

We already have a presence in Belgium, Kenya, Uganda, Ecuador, Brazil.

From now on we are at your disposal with the purpose of clarifying doubts or complementary information.


Leidy Yohana Triviño

Commercial Director

mobile: + 57 1 3175933332



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