Best Gynecomastia Surgery in Hyderabad

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Gynecomastia (Gynaecomastia) commonly known as ‘man boobs’ or ‘male chest enlargement’ or ‘moobs’ is an abnormal enlargement of breasts in men due to growth of breast tissue because of hormonal imbalance of estrogen and testosterone. Gynecomastia effects one or both breasts, sometimes asymmetrically. This effects nearly 30%-60% of men..

Most common cause man boobs is due to transient estrogen (female hormone) surge during puberty (11 -14 years), which reverts to normal without any treatment in many. In few men the chest enlargement persists, which needs surgical correction. These enlarged breast tissues are neither cancerous nor cause any medical problems. Also, certain drugs (e.g. steroids, marijuana) and medical conditions (e.g. alcoholic liver disease) can cause gynecomastia – these conditions should be dealt with before considering gynecomastia surgery. Few men suffer from pain in their enlarged breasts referred to as ‘PAINFUL GYNECOMASTIA’ – making them the ideal candidates for surgical correction. Dieting and exercise are inadequate in addressing male breast enlargement.

Gynecomastia leads to extreme embarrassment and loss of self-confidence. Though its not a serious health concern, many teens suffer from low self-esteem and body shamming.


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