CE Mark Certification in Sri Lanka

What is   CE Marking  Certification ?


A legal requirement known as CE certification confirms that specific products are secure for use and sale within the European Economic Area. When a product is certified, manufacturers brand it with the CE symbol to show that it complies with European safety regulations and can be freely traded within the EU. While some items need an independent conformity assessment by a notified organisation to confirm they fulfil CE certification requirements, unlike other certification marks, CE marking is not given by a specific regulatory authority. The proper application of CE marking on items is ultimately the manufacturer's responsibility.


The initials CE denote the manufacturer's or importer's confirmation that the product complies with European standards for environmental, health, and safety protection.It neither certifies anything nor denotes quality.


 What are the benefits of  CE Marking certification


  • The CE mark denotes the level at which quality begins, however it is not a quality mark or guarantee certificate.


  • Products without the CE Mark are deemed to be of low quality, are not put on the market, and are consequently seen to be unsafe.


  • The CE Mark serves as proof that the new approach directives have been followed.


  • Manufacturers must CE-mark their products in order to sell them both domestically and overseas. 


  • The CE label does not always mean a quality certificate or a guarantee certificate, despite what the general public believes.


  • Items that fall below this standard are seen as unhealthy, unsecure, and unqualified and shouldn't be sold.


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