Manufacturers of prickly fig seed oil

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The Oriental Group offers unique and exclusive cold-pressed prickly pear seed oil in Morocco. However, prickly fig oil is obtained from the seed of the cactus Opuntia ficus indica. In addition, this oil is rich in a unique combination of components such as a high level of linoleic acid, and a large amount of Tocopherols. The presence of delta 7 Stigmasterol, which is a very rare or rarely found element in plant life. As a result, manufacturers of prickly fig seed oil are rich in antioxidant activities, contain a high level of moisturizing power, and also have a rejuvenating capacity of cells. The manufacturers of prickly fig seed oil have excellent physical properties. Fig seed oil helps smooth your skin and gives it a light texture. Unlike other products, the fig seed oil is enriched with minerals. It gives the skin, neck, and other parts of the body an appropriate tone.


The most remarkable thing is that manufacturers of prickly fig seed oil are rich in oily oil which is essential to damage the skin and hair. In addition, the manufacturers of the prickly fig seed oil are also known by other names such as Indian figs, prickly cactus seed oil, etc. Another property of prickly fig oil is that it easily preserves our cells from the aggressions of time and gives a toxic texture and firmness.


A 100% pure and certified oil, anti-wrinkle and naturally extracted by cold pressure.

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