Choose your wine bottle long life with stanimirov group

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Stanimirov group delivers the natural quality cork stopper to wine producers. The outstanding cork stopper made by oak trees, the natural cork stopper has the great and strong features to give long life to your wine bottle. Stanimirov group has lots of variety for every shape of a wine bottle and every type of wine. Stanimirov group is supplier, manufacturer, and producer of wine cork stopper.

“Researchers says the best and high-quality natural cork always improves the wine quality in the wine aging duration”

Why cork stopper is important for wine bottle

To make your special wine bottle, cork stopper always plays an important role. In the world of the wine business, clever wine producer always thinks about accessories of winemaking, wine aging, wine storage, and wine bottle quality. But the most important thing a wine producer wants perfect wine bottle closures or stoppers. For any kind of further information, visit -


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