Stanimirov is the source to feel natural touch of Portugal

Regio/buurt: Zona Industrial Casalinho Rua Iii 564, 4535 029 Lourosa, Portugal

Stanimirov group is the leading manufacturer of cork product in addition to the supplier in the Portugal region. Stanimirov item excellent quality is tempting just as distinct, the location of cork stopper will offer you an ideal life to your wine bottles, just as different other types of products readily accessible like the natural cork, agglomerate cork stopper, micro cork stopper, 1+1 cork stopper, T-cork, colmated cork, wire hood, aluminum caps, and custom order. The top quality just as additionally thing are secure just as 100% eco-friendly, all product made by the all-natural treatment and without any hazardous procedure. Stanimirov especially manufactures extremely picked an awesome item. All Portuguese item made by with no chemical use. Any more information visit now -


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