Affordable physiotherapy, occupational therapy

Prijs : 7.000 SGD/Jaarlijks

Step into the forefront interdisciplinary medical and vocational rehabilitation centre where a blend of innovation and compassion is at the core of our mission. This establishment goes beyond being just a facility; it stands as a beacon for transformative education. The team of experts seamlessly integrates cutting-edge robotic technology with a holistic approach to empower individuals on their path to returning to work and achieving social reintegration. The expertise of this centre extends across multiple locations, including the leading centre in Melaka, along with satellite centres in Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, and Kuala Terengganu. Services offered encompass neurological rehabilitation, spinal cord injury rehabilitation, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, amputee rehabilitation, robotic rehabilitation, cognitive rehabilitation, mental health rehabilitation, and geriatric rehabilitation. Various interventions provided include neuro-robotics rehabilitation and cybernetics treatment, neuromodulation programs, non-invasive brain stimulation techniques, clinical rehabilitation services, pain management therapies, therapeutic exercises tailored to individual needs, gait rehabilitation programs, carer training initiatives, advanced wound care treatments & prosthetic services.




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