Rapid customer process transformation becomes easy | moLotus

Regio/buurt: Los Angeles, California, Usa

Still have trouble transforming your customer processes to capture all the advantages of excellent customer relationships? The most-successful brands are addressing the issue using three building blocks: aligning on a strong aspiration, designing an agile & automated customer process, and embracing moLotus transformation technology to make it all work!

A global mobile technology company, Novosol, offers moLotus mobile video customer interaction platform & technology that is working closely with global brands and telecom operators in acquiring, engaging and retaining more customers via mobile advertising and digital transformation.

The unique mobile tech platform empowers brands and telcos with unique capabilities like hyper-personalization, easy interaction, customization, globally scalability, automation, agility, integration and more delivering value to customers and stakeholders. No mobile application, no data plans, no spam involved!

They can transform their customer processes including lead generation, renewals & upgrades, customer onboarding, document submission & processing, customer support, loyalty and more via moLotus breakthrough capabilities earning high margin revenues at reduced costs. moLotus makes subscriber monetization, innovation and digitization easy for telcos. To know more about the big benefits of moLotus feel free to connect with us.


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