How to Make a No Sew T Shirt Quilt: A Step-by-step Guide


Are you always on the go and never have the time to make a quilt? Do you have a favorite quilt project that you can’t get enough of, but don’t want to sew it up? Well, fear not! Here’s an easy guide to making a no-sew t shirt quilt in just minutes. Plus, it’ll help you get that Pinterest fix without having to break the bank.

What is a No Sew T Shirt Quilt.

In order to make a no-sew t shirt quilt, you will need some supplies and a T-shirt. The most important part of making this quilt is the fabric: you will need a reliable, quality T-shirt that is of good quality and has no wrinkles. In addition, your quilt should be made in two parts: the front and back. The front should be made from a light weight fabric such as cotton or linen while the back should be made from a heavier fabric like wool or silk.


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