French lessons: It's time to learn French As You Like It

Område/Nabolag: Central Paris

We are a boutique French school offering individual private tuition and small group French classes customized around your learning style, goals and availability.

Here’s a short guide to the lessons and courses we offer.

Private French Classes

These can be one-on-one sessions or small private groups. When and where you like.

Sessions can be scheduled from 7am-9pm, including weekends and public holidays. A tutor can come to your home, office, favorite café, even a favorite spot in Paris. Or you can come to our school here in the center of Paris. Whatever’s best for you.

We usually offer a trial lesson (charged but non committal) before you choose the number of lessons you would like.

Micro Group Classes

Here, we focus on conversational French essential for success at work, or indeed a successful French social life.

A class is limited to six. It’s like an intensive, tutored discussion. That way, you learn personally, play an active role and have every opportunity to speak! 

Classes run from a Monday to a Friday from 9.15am to 10.45am, or through the morning till 12.30.

If you already have an A2 intermediate level and would like to focus only on your spoken skills, we’ve evening classes, too.  

French Conversation Classes (3 hours per week), on Tuesdays & Thursdays at the school from 7-8.30pm.     

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