Boom of Indian Crypto Space Like Never Before

Cryptocurrency Exchanges India is beginning to thrive again after the supreme court struck down RBI’s ban. It means a world difference to all indian crypto traders as they can use indian banking system to carry out crypto trading in India. Though it may seem a developing space in India, there are a lot of individuals and businesses that rely on BTC to INR and INR to BTC transactions. The SC ruling could not have come at a better time, because, fuelled by the COVID-19 induced country-wide lockdown, and looming threats of recession, the country’s populace is showing a spurt in crypto interest. The number of cryptocurrency exchanges in India has doubled since March. Leaders and huge capital movers in the industry have also set their eyes on India. As the cryptocurrency space is steadily amassing its strength, one particular cryptocurrency exchange in India announces its release even amidst the lockdown. Trade Herald, the new crypto exchange platform with 100x leverage has been launched recently. You can trade over 100 crypto pairs with zero trade charges. You can perform 24x7 trading with zero downtime and faster execution. Sign up and trade now. 


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