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pris: 30 000 KWD/Year


We have become distinguished in the field of transporting luggage, and this is due to multiple factors that must be available in any successful company that needs to gain the confidence of its customers in dealing anywhere in Kuwait, and the most prominent of these factors are the following:

 1- The company provides its clients with a class of qualified workers and technicians to carry out all stages of the relocation of luggage without any damage or waste of time with full attention to dismantling and installing the luggage parts, whatever their quality, whether modern or old, and needs expertise.
 2 - We are in a relocation company in Kuwait, so distinct that we value the time, so we abide by the deadlines set for work so as not to cause problems to the customer.
 3- In order to protect furniture, especially fragile or rare items, we provide excellent packaging materials that protect furniture and do not affect people's health.
 4- We provide cranes to lift the furniture to the upper floors and lower it without being subjected to any scratch or break with the speed of completing the work.
 5- If you want to transport luggage to any place with full protection for each piece, we provide fully equipped transport vehicles to arrange the furniture in an appropriate manner, in addition to providing huge trucks to transport any quantities of luggage.
 6- Certainly, we need a lot of maintenance services in the new residence after transportation and installation of furniture. For this, we at a relocation company in Kuwait provide a crew of technicians for all purposes, electricity, carpentry, or otherwise, so that the work can be done directly.

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