Gafm Digital Certifications (online Certifications)

Område/Nabolag: Kuala Lumpur

GAFM® Digital Certification is the exclusive online certification services available to qualified individual who needs to acquire the professional certifications accredited by The Global Academy of Finance and Management GAFM® or The American Academy of Project Management® AAPM®.  GAFM® 3-step Digital Certification services provides the qualified individual with top Value certification in addition to QualitySimplicity, and Speed that will assist qualified individuals to secure their desired credentials within budget and time.

Benefits of becoming a Certified/Chartered Professional

  • Personal recognition from your peers in project management and other professions.
  • Enhanced CV to stand out in the job market.
  • Get recruiters attention and filter candidates with certification 
  • A framework for the development of your career.
  • International recognition.
  • Assurance for clients of high standards and ethical practice.
  • Use of the post nominal on your business card or C.V. 
  • Increased understanding, helping you to work more effectively.
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