small scale portable infrared heater to warm up the feet


For rooms with limited heating or places where central heating cannot be installed, portable heaters are perfect.


In addition to providing efficient and reliable heat, portable infrared heaters also offer flexibility and customisation that are not available with fixed heaters. We have the solution if you want to remodel the heating in your house or yard. Portable infrared heaters are suitable for a variety of locations since they are simple to install, inexpensive, and efficient.


Sundirect Tower1000-Pro is a portable Wifi-enabled infrared heater. The Tower1000-Pro is one of the best smart portable heaters in the market. It offers an elegant and modern design as well as a smart heating control solution with a glass surface touchscreen on the top of the heater.


Its 3 heating element design allows you to heat a room in a 270degrees mode. It’s modern and clean design matches any type of room interior making it a design element of the room. Equipped with rolls it is easy to move around depending on where you want to get cozy.


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