Offer door to door courier service from China to Vietnam


   There are many modes of transportation for goods from China to Vietnam,Air ,sea and truck service. The most important mode of transportation is  via Guangxi to Vietnam by truck. The truck service and the customs clearance is fast. The goods usually arrive in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and then transported from Hanoi to various places. Guangzhou JF Express Co.,LTD is a professional agent for the transportation of goods from China to Vietnam. We can transport all kinds of sensitive goods at a favorable price.


   We also offer the payment service in China, after customer pay to our Vietnam bank account, We can help you pay to Supplier, taobao, 1688 and so on.just pay extra 80000VND for bank transfer commission. Exchange rate Depend on our website.(for example, if customer want to total 5000RMB, today exchange rate is: 1RMB=3300VND,then pay to us: 5000RMB*3300+80000VND=16580000VND)

    The following is our price to Vietnam ,Follow our wechat public account (search for Wechat Public account: OSL-EXPRESS ) or check the price on our website . Our official account has the query price. After paying attention, once you have a package arrives at our warehouse, you will be the first time After receiving the notification, you can also see the pictures of the goods, and grasp the package dynamics for the first time.


Guangzhou to Hanoi:about 7days delivery

1-5KG: 120RMB/shippment        6-10KG:20RMB/KG,         

51-100KG:12RMB/KG     101KG-300KG: 11RMB/KG    

301-500KG:10RMB/KG   more then 501KG:9RMB/KG


Guangzhou to Ho Chi Minh: about 10 to 12days delivery

1-5KG: 130RMB/shippment        6-10KG:22RMB/KG,        

51-100KG:15RMB/KG     101KG-300KG: 14RMB/KG    

301-500KG:13RMB/KG   more then 501KG:12RMB/KG


Guangzhou to other City of Vietnam :about 10 to 12days delivery

1-5KG: 130RMB/shippment        6-10KG:24RMB/KG,        

51-100KG:17RMB/KG     101KG-300KG: 16RMB/KG    

301-500KG:15RMB/KG   more then 501KG:13RMB/KG


Sensitive goods plus 50RMB below 10KG, more than 10KG, plus 5RMB/KG, sensitive goods include the following goods, cosmetics, imitation brand, liquid, food, powder and so on.

   If you want to transfer to other area, please offer the delivery address,will quote you the delivery fee.

 We do the transport service for taobao and 1688 website. And also can help customer shop from taobao or 1688 website. Charge min 50RMB, or 5% shopping amount.

The following is our shipping process

1.Get a file and customer code from us.put our warehouse address and customer code into your taobao address or 1688 address or offer to your supplier.



ATTN:customer code+邹锦源

Mob: 13682223071

Tel: 020-26272512

Post code: 510440

Please ask seller to write the customer code on the express bill or boxes.

2.after all seller send the goods, get the courier no and goods details to put in the doc,and note the transport Channel , send us back.

3.After received all the goods,will repack and arrange shipping

4.Payment Method:                                                                                              1)pay by western union, or to my China bank account,or Pay via Alipay account or Wechat.  

2)pay to our Vietnam bank account, charge VND80000 as bank commission from Vietnam to China, exchange rate: 1RMB=3300VND(Exchange rate depend on our website)      


If you need shipping service from China to Vietnam,please contact us, we will try our best to service you.



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