Chortens in Bhutan

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Chortens or Stupas in Bhutan can be seen almost everywhere, from hilltops to the valleys and along the highways, stupas are worshiped by walking around in clockwise direction. Stupas were built to house the remains of Buddha or other saintly person. The eight main events of Buddha’s life from birth to his death is commemorated through eight different kind of stupas known as “Desheg chorten gye” or eight stupas of the Buddha.
Eight Stupas of the Buddha
Stupa of heaped lotus Commemorate the Buddha’s birth and symbolise the lotus which sprung during his birth.
Stupa of enlightenment built in Naranjana to celebrate his enlightenment and defeat of the inner demons.
Stupa of many doors built in Varanasi to remember his first sermon and path to enlightenment.
Stupa of miracle built in Sravasti to buddha’s victory over comtemporary teachers.
Stupa of descent from heaven built in Sankyasya to represent Buddha’s return from the celestial world.
Stupa of reconciliation built in Rajagrha to celebrate his success in bringing together his followers after Devadatta tried to split them into factions.
Stupa of victory built to represent his victory over evil forces.
Stupa of Nirvana symbolises the death of Buddha.

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