Grow Your Maritime Assets with Expert Consultation


Have you decided to invest in fast ferries for sale? Are you yet to contact an expert broker? If you think you can make a decision as crucial as this one alone and without professional guidance, you’re probably mistaken. Only expert shipbrokers know the latest market trends and help you choose the best ferry for sale. We at Norwegian Ship Sales keep abreast of the ongoing market developments and have years of experience in guiding our clients in the right direction. Starting from high-speed crafts and double-ended ferries to cruise ships and RoRo vessels, we update the list of saleable ships on our website. Added to that, we can also arrange an expert for inspecting the ship you are looking forward to purchasing. If you want to make the right strategic decision for growing your maritime asset, you should not delay anymore. Contact us @ +47 6754 1925 / +47 9177 6183

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