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* Accredited IVTOM Teacher - International Organization of Voice Teachers and Scientists *

All styles and levels 

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Hello everyone:), 


I offer singing lessons (vocal technique and interpretation) for students of all profiles: beginners, professionals, shy, rockers, pop lovers... I adapt the exercises and my way of teaching to each one: some of you will need efficiency to be able to sing for a specific project, others will need to progress smoothly, step by step; some will want to understand the physiology and mechanisms of the voice, some will want to know as little as possible to stay in a very simple (nevertheless effective) approach to singing... 


Beyond the posture, the breathing, the relaxation of your body, which will be worked on in class, the exercises are adapted to the nature of your voice in order to help you sing as if it were the easiest thing in the world (and it will be!). Indeed, depending on your type of voice, some exercises will be easier and much more effective than others, and will pull you up, while other exercises may keep your vocal "bad habits" in place. It is therefore important to choose the ones that are right for you, and that is what we will work together.

The second part of the course will be devoted to a work on the song(s) of your choice (do not be afraid to aim too high in the choice of your song: they are all adaptable!).

Classes are recorded so you can practice between sessions:).



Courses are via webcam

Courses of 30 (19 euros), 45 (28,50 euros), or 60 (38 euros) minutes

Student rate: 26 euros per hour (30, 45 or 60 minutes course possible)

Decreasing rate if you come to several



- Accredited IVTOM Teacher (certification obtained after studies and on examination, which proves the professional level of the professor, his effectiveness, his pedagogy and his physiological knowledge)

- Professor trained FLOW Phonation (a group of professors, ORLs, and speech-language pathologists from Europe, Brazil and North America who advocate precise and meticulous use of joint muscles and resonators in order to sing freely, effortlessly and especially healthily (without having a tired voice after thirty minutes of singing)

- Currently in work with Dr. Hubert Noé, ENT and voice scientist known and recognized in vocal environment

- Professor in Vancouver, Canada

- Trained by Cecile LaRochelle (Canada) and Keri Hughes (Utah, USA) for IVTOM

- Royal Irish Academy of Music Gold Medal for the Recital Certificate Program, Ireland

- Professor in Waterford, Ireland

- Trained by Valérie Leahy, lyric singer (Ireland)

- Permanent musician at the Waterford Museum of Treasures (Ireland)

- Breakthrough Singing Workshop with Mick and Tess Pulver (Florida, USA)

- Drama and singing courses for teenagers, theme "Creation of a musical show"; 

- Musical Theatre Course 

- Private lessons

- Choral singing


Please write me if you have any question :)!

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