Selectech Is One of Top Electromechanical Device Supplier

Selectech is a leading supplier of electronic components. With our headquarters in Singapore, our name is now associated with the electronics industry. The wide network of distributors and sourcing agents helps us to offer the right pricing.

Wide Range of Products

We deal with a wide range of electronic components, such as power inductors, electrical devices, capacitors, relays, buzzers, resistors, cables and connectors, and many more things. Being known as electromechanical device supplier, we make it a point to deliver good quality products to clients.

Quality Testing

Each electronic component goes through proper quality testing. This would ensure the components don’t have any defects in its functioning.

Want more about our company or the products we offer? You should get in touch with us at [...]. Feel free to visit our site to know more about our products and services. You can call us on our Skype ID Selectech.sg02.


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