Vicki Partridge: Your Trusted Medical Equipment Consultant

Area/Freguesia: Fold Coast

Do you need help in optimising the value of your medical equipment and devices throughout their lifecycle? You have come to the right place. Striving to be one of the most reliable medical equipment consultants in Australia, Vicki Partridge offers professional services, such as dealing with the required medical device regulation and compliance.

Vicki Partridge is an industry expert who is driven by a mission to deliver outstanding results. Medical equipment consultants like Vicki help suppliers in accomplishing their goals. With her extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, she can help you design phase-appropriate quality management systems that comply with the current medical device regulations, guidelines, and standards. She can also help you avoid the pitfalls of putting your products to the Australian market too much, too fast.

As a trusted medical equipment suppliers' consultant, she makes sure that you get professional advice for your GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). She can help you solve quality assurance and validation issues, as well as meeting regulatory compliance and acquiring TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) certification.

If you are looking for highly experienced medical equipment consultants in Australia, you need not look any further than Vicki Partridge! Don’t hesitate to ask further enquiries on medical device regulation in Australia. Contact Vicki today to get started!

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