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Preço: 50 000 BDT/De hora em hora
Area/Freguesia: Adabor

Codewareltd Mobile app team is materializing your dream app in real life with a bang. It’s not a far reality to see your app appearing on grand platforms like Apple Store or Google Play. We are reaching out to you to give you the best deal on mobile app development.

Steps of successful mobile app development-


·         A great imagination, successful creation depends on a strong imagination

·         Selection design and development methodology – is it Native, Responsive web, or Hybrid?

·         Design the sketch layout and make the wireframe

·         Transform wireframe to UX design

·         Develop a prototype and sync with the real plan

·         Refine and corrections the bugs

·         Connect with an appropriate analytic tool

·         Release to beta-tester

·         Release to Market place – apple store or google play

·         Upgrade your app with improvements and new features

·         Mobile Apps Development Company In Bangladesh

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