Ethernet Over Coax

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What Is Ethernet Over Coax?

Ethernet over Coax is also well known as EoC. It's a technology that supports the data transmission of Ethernet signals over coaxial cables. With the development of technology, fiber optical and wireless signals are already fully covered in most regions. People already get used to the convenience of them. However, for many older homes if setting up new wirings in the walls.


How Does Ethernet Over Coax Work?

Generally speaking, Ethernet over Coax transmits IP signals carried by CAT5/6 cables through analog coax cables. Data transmission is between 2 Ethernet over coax converters. One of them connects with the router, the other is connected to a coaxial port to distribute the wireless signal to the places in need. In most cases, one of the converters is connected to the IP cameras through coaxial cables and the other converter is connected to the IP network, also through coaxial cables.




Benefits of Ethernet Over Coax

The most attractive benefit of EOC is that the IP camera network can be easily upgraded without the change of wiring. Instead of changing over the whole wiring setting, we offer a much more economical way by developing Coaxial to Ethernet media converter. It achieves to change the whole network setting into the plug-and-play model. Once installed and properly connected, everything in the network will be back to function in a fast-speed mode.


Ethernet-over-Coax can also work well with Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) solution. In this way, the power supply for the previous network system can be easily achieved through the ready coaxial cables. By simply adding POE switches in the system and connecting the EOC converter, all the features of data transmission and power management will be obtained.


To summarize, if it’s not realistic to change the wiring in the walls and there is the demand for IP camera upgrade then EOC would be a perfect solution for you.


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