Gigabit Media Converter

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Main Features of Gigabit Media Converter

The Gigabit Ethernet is ten times faster than Fast Ethernet. It is designed for the needs of the high speed of ISP(internet service providers) today. Gigabit Ethernet switch refers to an Ethernet switch that operates at Gigabit Ethernet speeds, which is up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) (1000 Mbps). It is also backward compatible with the 10/100 standard, which is called auto-negotiation.


The Gigabit switch is usually built with the latest network management features, allowing network administrators to assign QoS and security policies to specific applications. These advanced features help guarantee service level agreements and enhance security. Fast Ethernet switches with similar management and security functions often demand a premium, in order to narrow the price gap compared to the Gigabit Ethernet switch.


Interface Types of Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Media Converter

It's commonly designed with multiple RJ45 interfaces and/or SFP slots, the Gigabit Ethernet switch works well using twisted-pair copper cable (specifically, the cat5e and cat6 cables that follow the 1000BASE-T cabling standard), as well as SFP optical transceivers working on corresponding patch cable types. It's common that some Gigabit Ethernet switches also have a couple of 10G SFP+ ports for uplinking a higher speed 10GB switch.


Benefits of Gigabit Fiber Media Converter

Except for providing higher bandwidth and more robust management, Gigabit Ethernet switches are also more energy-efficient than Fast Ethernet switches. Enterprises could lower their power consumption by deploying Gigabit Ethernet switch at the network edge.


The Gigabit switch on the network edge may prepare your local area network for the upcoming convergence or the next technology refresh.


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