Concrete Block Machine Vess Eco


Vess semi-automatic block making machine can produce 4.000 pieces of standard concrete hollow blocks (20cm width * 40cm length * 20cm height) or 300 square meters of paving blocks or 1.000 pieces of curbstones in eight hours. It is just enough to change the mold and the machine can produce almost 600 types of concrete products.

We recommend semi-automatic block making machines for inexperienced customers who are trying to enter this business with a limited budget and no experience.

Vess eco needs minimum maintenance, it is easy to handle and it produces high-quality concrete blocks due to its strong vibration and hydraulic force.

Vess eco concrete block machine is designed based on European standards. All the parts used in electric and hydraulic parts are well-known German brands as well. Contact for your own special price and order.

∙ Daily capacity for concrete hollow blocks:  4000 pieces at 8 hours

∙ Daily capacity for paving blocks: 300 m2 / At 8 hours

∙ Daily capacity for curbstones: 1.000 pieces ( 150 x 700 x 300 ) At 8 hours

∙ Required area for installation: 2 500 m2

∙ Installation and operator training course: Free

∙ Warranty period: 2 Years

∙ Energy consumption:37 Kw

∙ Required personal for operate: 6 Person

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