Garrison entire round solid wood /



Created in 1977 to carpentry Carlos Thomas is managed by a man of carpentry tradition in the family that acquired since very young and over all these years a wide and extensive experience in working with wood. Since always specialized in the manufacture of wooden bows, trims and all sorts of curves whole pieces of solid wood. These pieces are unique pieces uncut, or single pieces whole. The carpentry Carlos Thomas has at its disposal a wide range of products made ​​of wood created by the company itself and directly marketed by it as can any work that will be ordered. Using advanced techniques evolved and created by the company for bending wood responds with efficiency and quality to any order upon him. Thus applying dedication and perfection is the motto of our employees who are moved by an experience of many years causing the production of any part is held with the utmost care and with the sole aim to fully satisfy our numerous customers.
Arus wood concepts / A solution for all forms curved hardwood / The solution to all types of curved forms in solid wood.

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