Child Counselling Service Centre Calgary

Cartier/Vecinătate: Clennan Square, Suite 212, 110 – 11 Ave Sw, Calgary, Alberta, T2 R 0 B8

At RMPS our approach to therapy is grounded in the latest research about the brain and nervous system. We firmly believe the first step to better functioning is helping individuals regulate their mind, body, and emotions. As children often do not have the capability to express themselves through words, it is up to the child psychologist to apply specialized skills to understand the child’s experience, feelings, and perspective. Because it can be difficult for children to fully express themselves through words, other methods such as play and expressive arts can help the child to express their perspective, feelings, and emotions. Our psychologists are specially trained to understand brain development and how to integrate the left and right sides of the brain as well as how to approach issues from the bottom up or top-down. What this means is that our psychologists are able to meet children where they are at. Strategies and logical solutions to problems can be really effective for some children and some issues. But, when this approach doesn’t work or isn’t appropriate, our psychologists are armed with other approaches including play and expressive arts modalities to help your child express themselves, learn to identify and manage emotions and feel empowered in using their new skills. If you have any questions then don't hesitate to ask.


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