Military Austria Bundesheer Field Jacket Typ75 green no oliv



 Austrian field jacket 

 field jacket from the original stock of the Austrian Army

w special tags  Haider - Waxenberg - Marbler 8081 Heiligenkreuz/Steiermark

Herbst/8221 Hirnsdorf / Steiermark -  1 x w/o tag

like same Production US Army 

65% Polyester, 35% Twill


the extreme weather worldwide in 1984 seems

to point to the volcanic eruption in rabaul

The cold wave brought human fatalities, deaths of wild and domesticated animals,

crop losses, and infrastructure damage to homes and municipality and industrial sites.

At least 126 deaths were blamed on the cold snap.

Some 90 percent of the citrus crop in Florida was destroyed in what the state called the


Freeze of the Century




5 meters of fresh snow in a month.

The amount of fresh snow in winter 1998/1999 was extreme on the north side of the Alps.

over five meters of fresh snow fell in the congestion within 30 days



embroidered labels are dated 1984 + 1998


the Austrian 96 - 116  mass correspond to international S- 3XL


you bid on a set of 4 original 80s + 90s century Army History

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